Building Bridges Across the Community for Common Good
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Our goals and aspirations can be summed as follows:

•Teaching a person to fish….
•Promoting upward career progression
•Plugging into the untapped talent in the community
•Providing a path to give back

In the area of Professional Development and Education, Crescent Foundation’s activities  are  focused on
assisting unemployed or under employed individuals by preparing them to enter segments of the job
market  which are experiencing more active/vibrant activity and could provide  better employment
opportunities.  The assistance may come in the form of introducing the individual to market data
disclosing the more active/vibrant employment markets.  In addition, the Foundation may provide
assistance by equipping  the individual with education (classes, seminars, reading materials, etc.)  and
with specific skill sets needed to succeed in  new work areas.  In general, the Foundation  will be
assisting these individuals in “re-tooling” their skill-sets  to compete effectively in the job market.

In the initial stage, Crescent Foundation will focus on providing training and education  in vocational and
professional areas.  In subsequent stages the assistance may include providing preparatory classes  to
attain a high school General Equivalence Degree (GED).

It is intended that the Corporation will leverage the professional level of its members to find instructors
versed in a particular area of the workplace.  These instructors will provide their services as volunteers.  In
the future the Foundation may contract with an educational institution to provide training and educational
We will focus on providing individuals with information and/or exposure to available community services in the area of health and human issues. In addition, we are planning to sponsor health and legal fairs where local governmental agencies, religious entities, attorneys  etc. can set up booths to educate and provide services.

Our social, medical and non-medical support services are for purposes of supporting families and enabling individuals to live safely.  Our goal is to enhance quality of life across the community through a cohesive effort.
Arts plays a central role to bring together people from different background and enhance understanding and appreciation of cultures.  We believe that arts help people to develop a sense of appreciation, builds relationships and connects communities a very positive manner.  We support initiatives that use arts and media to educate and build closer relations among the communities. The program includes the following:

•Enhance Understanding: The program supports projects that defines a target audience, and favors initiatives that demonstrate understanding of that audience’s behaviors and preferences.

•Measurable Success Goals:  The program prioritizes initiatives that can clearly define how they will enhance understanding of societies
Crescent Foundation has launched “Forty Days to The Left and Right” neighborhood campaign.  The concern for our neighbors can take many forms. This campaign focuses to ensure that our neighbors have the basic necessities, and they should not go hungry.  As a first step, Crescent Foundation in collaboration with local restaurant will be delivering meals to the shelters.  Mr Mujeeb Khalil, Board Member of Crescent Foundation said, “This program will further our mission in conjunction with professional development training, which is already successfully underway.  These two programs collectively will address the immediate needs while training people for successful careers in growth industries.
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